Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thrifty Find

Also, I found this.

Left work a bit early today for various reasons and decided to go thrifting. It was a fun afternoon and I discovered a new thrift store that carries everything from old furniture to laserdiscs (also, a hefty amount of "vintage playboys" careful hid in nondescript white boxes).

 I didn't buy much but I did find a funny old (faux?) leather briefcase which is totally going to work with me tomorrow.

I was going to post about my odyssey repairing my computer chair. Alas, half-a-roll of duct tape and several violent swears later, I'm using a kitchen chair at my desk. I did take some pictures of the suitcase though, enjoy.


  1. Snazzy suitcase! Where would this new thrift store be???

  2. Not actually new, it's Ziggy's which I think you told me about