Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Day, in iPhone Photographs

We had a rare occurrence for Mississippi the other day: snow. I was awake and delirious and writing letters of intent in my own blood (almost) and looked outside and thought I'd finally cracked for real. Fortunately I hadn't yet fallen into the abyss of insanity so I bundled up and spent several hours outside enjoying it. Here, let me hand the story off to my grainy, pixelated iPhone camera self:


I started out pretty early; luckily no lights or faces popped into windows while I was pointing my iPhone in their general direction.
Someone in Wyoming is looking at this thinking, "I haven't been able to leave my house in a week, I hate snow and I hate you. And that isn't snow."
For all of you snow-having people of the world, this is the most snow I'd seen on my apartment building up until this point...
Fiberluxe is asleep (because she has real things to do) in the bottom right unit; let's all wave!
Coming down finally...

I hear you can buy drugs here... so that's a thing.

iPhone panorama time!!! I've seen a lot of relationships end nastily in front of the building on the right!

I was thinking to myself, whose footprints are those? My brain is deteriorating as we speak.

Panorama from my front porch. You can see the fortress of sorrow across the road again.

Found a snug little shelter out front so I hid and took a few in the dry.
One last one. I went inside, ate an enormous breakfast, and am still sneezing from spending 3 hours out in the snow. 
BONUS: delirious and trying to shoot through my peephole.

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