Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's A Desk

I've been lusting after a new desk for a while. With my PC, two displays, and all my gadgets there isn't much room on my meager table, especially if I want to write in my sketchbook at my desk. I've been contemplating a DIY solution for a while but most options just aren't viable given my tiny apartment and the fact that I'm moving out of the state next year (not looking to weigh myself down too much). Today I discovered a nice solution that provides more than enough space and will be incredibly easy to move anywhere, two 24"x48" folding tables from Costco.

I had a problem getting the black/metal shelf to fit, so I just retracted the legs and let the right side rest on it. Makes it look more like a real desk than two folding tables.

Know what the best part is?

Aside from building it myself with materials I already own, I would be hard-pressed to find a way to get an L-desk for less than 32.10$.


  1. I use the exact table for my desk! Now, I should get a second one since John needs some space too!

  2. After a week of use they work extremely well. Placed against a wall they're nice and steady too. I bought some small wooden storage cubes to sit against the wall and now it really does look like a real desk.