Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Google Voice Dictation is Terrible

Google Voice is terrible at translating voicemails even from a clear voice, let alone many of the thick accented southerners I know, here are a few great examples:

"Happy Birthday through you. Happy Birthday kidding you. Happy Birthday. And I also i'm staying on. Happy Birthday to you. I love you soon bye bye"

"Hello Yeah, bye. Mr hey he has. Well, I don't know your alright, okay. They wanna Yeah, hey. That. Bye Bye the bye basketball. Yeah, I've been I don't know baby. I'll do it."

"Hey, the uncommon bank give me your anger and bye"

"They went house tomorrow when you lay. When you're facing a late let us know what time. Okay bye. I love you."

"Hi, this is Charles sign for the the in your the Chris Wallace very good train, and I can't get on the road for the code on it, so if you don't show up some of the month. Hello Steven, Good confidence of approval for today alright. Thanks."

"Stay. 9 that were it was my only because Mary gal and I need to get in the record or print stuff up worrying it bye."

"Hey, this is joseph with the so give me a briskly training today. I'm here and I can't get in the room, so I'm on the lease."

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