Thursday, July 19, 2012

This Post Is About My Day Job

My day job is managing the photography studios in the Department of Art at Mississippi State University. It's a small department, so I often find myself on IT duty as well. If you've ever worked at a university, you know that we keep things forever. Inevitably you have to occasionally go through and do a sweep de-inventory. Part of my job in the last year has been to help do these sweeps. When we first started it was mainly to rid ourselves of early 2000-era eMacs (we eliminated at least three room-sized closets filled in some cases to the ceiling).

This year isn't quite as fun. Last year's load was mostly early/pre-2000s. These machines are mostly 2002-2006, but there are a lot of them lingering around.

Giant black box? A very old 35mm film scanner...

Powerbooks, through the ages

Mac enthusiasts will notice you can trace the decade for Apple up till the Intel switch (I did have a broken Macbook Pro but it isn't in the photograph). Unfortunately it also means I have to remove all the HDDs (university, sensitive information, yadayada).

A nice refreshing beverage to get you through the day

Incidentally, as a guy who doesn't normally tear down computers for fun, I have to say it's given me a new distaste for post-PPC Apple. It's safe to say they only intended for two types of people to get into these machines: very determined individuals, and Apple hardware technicians.

I'm also in the process of transporting our departmental server to a new, better location (with air conditioning...).

Why the iMac? It's uh, I'm not really the tech guy, soo...

For those who could care less about my job, here's a picture of Isobel:

Damage on Steam for the day:

STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
SimCity4 Deluxe

Total spent so far: over 100$. You don't buy till you're done. You buy till you hate yourself.

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  1. AARRRRGHHH Lookit all that technology!!!! My heart burns. :(