Saturday, July 21, 2012

Away Through The Trees, Into The Forest

Until about five years ago, I'd lived in the same place for my entire life. Situated just behind my childhood home is a very old but still functional wooden barn, a small lake suitable for fishing, a herd of cows, and more forest than any kid could ask for to run and play. Though I don't often get the chance to visit them anymore, those woods are my absolute favorite place in the world. Most of my memories of the place are not large or significant- they mostly involve my imagination and hours of quiet contemplation. It should be no surprise that when I first discovered photography seven years ago I spent a considerable amount of time solemnly pointing at my lens at anything in those woods that seemed interesting.

Most of my photography from that period was done in black & white film. Those negatives are buried deep in my closet, stored in a most unprotected, unsafe, and un-archival way. Such is life. I did get a chance during the most recent Spring Break to go down and spend a few hours wandering them with my dad and Fiberluxe

My dad, looking sage-like in my view

My dad's very first car, which
 he is quite proud to still possess
 despite it's current state

Spent many hours fishing here as a kid

Random thoughts while strolling through the woods


Sales on games I'm interested in have slowed down, this my big list of recent purchases...

The Longest Journey

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