Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For some reason it has been really difficult to multitask job/freelance/self-promotion/MAKE ART. I'm always doing at least one. Today I've been working on self-promotion/moo cards (with help of graphic design extraordinaire Miranda Means:

Maybe a Facebook page next? eeh.

In other news I just ordered a new IR remote (to go with the shiny new D7000....). As an art student 'self-portrait' is something that usually comes up... a couple times a semester. So of course my first inclination is somehow to go back to that. I think every artist has the urge to turn the lens/brush/tool inward and openly explore themselves from time to time. As for me, it's something I don't feel I've ever done well and I could use a good challenge. 

I'm wrapping up Desperation to ship to San Antonio later this week. I'm so super excited about this show! 

Oh yeah and there were some website updates...


  1. Ahhh now you are experiencing the joy -- translation: the pull between promotion and creation. I'm not really great at it myself, but sounds like you are on a good start! What was your moo card experience like do share with me. I was have been thinking of doing that myself. Do your cards have images? Congrats on the show, what image is it?

  2. It's the same as the one I mentioned in my last post. Moo cards come in a few flavors for the mini cards. They have templates you can use, you can predesign and upload pdf files, or you can actually do a combination of both. You can poke around with the creator without having to make an account or order, I'd suggest checking it out. If you're somewhat capable with Illustrator it isn't hard at all to make it entirely from scratch, though.

    I literally just placed the order last night so I have not seen them yet. I've seen other people's though and I was jealous, thus...

  3. Well I can't wait to hear about how much you like them. cool redesign. So you will not be featuring any of your images on the card? Interesting. :)