Thursday, November 4, 2010

I woke up today

Today, I did something I haven't done in a long time: I shot film. 220 color film to be exact, on this bad boy:

It's a Yashica Mat-124G. I bought it on eBay because my advance darkroom class required shooting medium format and I hated the Holgas that came with the lab fee. It's a pretty nifty little camera, it takes great photographs and even has a working light meter. Unfortunately the winding mechanism/film counter is a little... off and I'm not sure how to go about repairing it.

Regardless I love shooting with this camera- way more than with any of my digital cameras, but just a bit more than my F100. I'm mulling using this or one like it to create my thesis work.

I'm looking for a place to get the color film processed, will scan and post once I have that sorted out!

BONUS: Few images from this weeks photo'ing session...

I first visited this location a couple of weeks ago. I went right after having blood taken and was a bit woozy. I felt like I was preforming fine but when I uploaded the images they were pretty... terrible. Lots of blurriness and leaning horizon lines.

Stay tuned for a post on my most recent project...

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